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Since we’re on the topic of cusine, here is another Uruguayan dish that I can definitely get used to. On the 29th of every month, Uruguayan families and restaurants will serve ñoquis (gnocchi), in accordance with an urban legend that (supposedly) dates back to the 8th century! The legend is as follows:

A young doctor named Pantaleón once lived in Nicosia (Asia Mayor) and after converting to Christianity he decided to migrate to northern Italy. There he performed many miracles and he was ordained as Saint of Venecia, which occurred on the 29th of July. His ordination as Saint is always remembered along with a decadent meal of ñoquis, and following this tradition it is customary to eat gnocchi the 29th of every month and place money under the plate for good luck.

To give a bit of a cultural and historical context as to why this custom is popular here– Uruguay experienced an influx of Italian immigrants in the late 19th century and ever since the countries’ population consists of a great percentage of folks of Italian and European ancestry (not to mention, dual citizenship).

I missed it this month, but next month it is definitely on! Good luck and great pasta, sounds like a wonderful combination.