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Meanwhile, as the unemployment rate in the United States has topped off at 9%, the rate of joblessness among African-Americans has peaked at 16% and a round of serious finger pointing is taking place on Capitol Hill. Sources are estimating a draw.

What happens when the nation’s Superman loses his flare and disapproval on all fronts  has turned myth into man? There is no question about it–Obama is up a creek and needs a helping hand. With the latest halt on the President’s Job Bill, it’s back to the drawing board.

Here is something that Senate doesn’t see coming their way. It might win back Maxine Waters’ endorsement of the Obama Administration and that of the African-American community [!], and more than likely start a black or even a white majority revolution [!!]; it would make the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement a mere afterthought of a campaign that pulled the rug from under the feet of Americans 40 years ago.[!!!]

Obama’s secret weapon is none other than the father of Afrofuturism, Sun Ra. From one mythic black icon to the other the two would make an epic pair, making the Obama administration post-post-racial,provoking a spike in African-American male interest in astronomy, politics/government, Parliament Funkadelic and critical race theory.

Government officials will then have estimated that in 2025, the state of California will have experienced a historical collapse in the incarceration of African-American male youth, followed by an unprecedented rate of philisophical, artistic and scientific production that somehow resulted in the end of the global economic crisis, hunger and pop music.

Without further ado, introducing the Obama-Sun Ra, Outer Space Employment Agency